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Mark's Words of Wisdom: Be Cool

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The factory Mustang intercooler has inherent design flaws causing only a portion of the hot incoming air to be cooled while passing through the factory intercooler. One of these flaws is fluid getting clogged inside the cooling tubes causing water to stagnate and become hot which results in a much hotter IAT2 Temperature.

This is why aftermarket cooling products such as the LFP Extreme Dual Pass Intercooler Heat Exchanger are popular to help cool the water before it even reaches the intercooler.

In essence, the factory Cobra intercooler removes only a portion of the heat from the air charge which is why heat soak and power loss are common among Ford SVT Shelby GT500, especially during the hot summer months. The air charge is constantly monitored by the vehicles computer and has a direct impact on the engine timing which is essential in making horsepower. The LFP Extreme Chiller Intercooler features a more efficient core and larger cooling tubes per core to help extract heat from the Supercharger and prevent clogging.

In independent tests, customers have seen about a 7-10 degree drop in IAT2 temps at the end of a run and cool down times are cut down by 1/3 the time. Not to mention a factory replacement intercooler costs well over $900.00, the more efficient LFP Chiller Core is a better by for the buck. You will feel more power with this unit and see the results on the dyno. A cooler, more dense air charger allows more air and fuel molecules into the combustion chamber.

Additionally, this cooler air charge, triggers the vehicles computer to automatically add more timing (depending on your tuners programming). This means more horsepower for each pound of boost. Help battle the heat with an LFP Extreme Chiller Intercooler. Visit our home page for more cooling and Ford Lightning Parts and Accessories. Purpose of an Intercooler The purpose of an intercooler in a supercharged SVT Shelby GT500 is to remove the heat generated by the supercharger from the supercharged air.

In a SVT Shelby GT500, this is done with an "air to water" intercooler system. Air to Water intercooler systems, found in most SVT Lightning and SVT Shelby GT500 Mustangs, have become increasingly more popular over the years. They are compact and extremely efficient. The intercooler in this system is typically located directly under the supercharger. Eaton, Kenne Belle, Whipple, Magnuson and Saleen use this type of cooling process.

This process involves an intercooler that receives the air directly from the supercharger. Ambient air is naturally superheated inside the supercharger during the compression process. Its then forced into and through the intercooler. As hot air travels through the intercooler, the intercooler becomes very warm.

To combat this warm temperature, water is passed through the tubes or plates of the intercooler. As the water travels through the intercooler tubes, it quenches the intercooler and removes the heat. The hot water is then pumped to the front of the vehicle were it is cooled in the LFP Extreme Lightning Intercooler Heat Exchanger by the rush of oncoming air. (The heat exchanger is the smaller radiator unit located behind the front Lightning Bumper air dam) The water continually cycles through the system attempting to lower the intercooler to the waters own temperature. . Now is also a good time to replace your Bosch Lightning Intercooler Pump. Follow the link for more details.



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