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Performance Bolt on Parts for your Ford SVT Lightning Pickup


Ford’s affect on the performance truck community was two fold when it released the supercharged Ford F-150 Lightning.

Lightning Force Performance (LFP) in Mont Belvieu, TX offers the SVT Lightning owner numerous products to improve all aspects of a Lightning’s Performance. So we procured a suitable test subject and pounded the dynamometer for some results.

Said test vehicle came from the stable of HP Performance (Orange Park, FL) Part timer Steve Duncan who also boards a supercharged Fox Coupe. The 2002 Lightning isn’t Duncan’s daily driver but he wasn’t looking for maximum power, just a little more to give him that thrill he got when he first purchased it.

That being said, we call LFP and asked proprietor Mark Silvestri what he recommended. Obviously a pulley and cold air combo was a given and Silvestri Kit, power and torque improved once again to 390HP and 475ft lb of twist. We were on a roll for sure and not quite finished with our mods

Adding the Lightning Electric Fan Kit proved to be fruitful as well with Horsepower jumping to 402 and torque maneuvering up to 494ft lbs. While the Extreme Heat Exchanger should allow 1-2 degrees more timing for more power, maximum output of the Lightning Engine is not what we were after. So we opted not to push to timing and spark envelope. Thanks to Gonyon’s SCT Software, we were able suggested we start with LFP’s 4# Lower Supercharger Pulley (PN 1054 $209.00) and Lightning Cold Air Kit (PN 1161 $169.00) He also suggested we try LFP’s new Electric Fan conversion (PN 1045 $499.95) which should be good for 15hp thanks to the 12lb reduction in rotating mass.

With increased boost come increased air charge temperatures. So we installed LFP’s Lightning Heat Exchanger

While you can get away with adding the cold air kit or the 4# Pulley without tuning, adding both requires some ECM tweaking. So we enlisted the services of HP Performance “Big Cheese” Tony Gonyon who worked his magic with his SCT Software

Our subject 02 Lightning base lined at 349HP and 419lb ft Torque at the wheels. And the Pulley change for 12psi of boost resulted in a quick and easy 366HP and 459lb ft Torque.

Things were looking great so far, and after we bolted on the LFP Cold Air to data-log the intake air charge temps and saw a 12-16 degree decrease depending on RPM’s. That would certainly open the window for more ECM tweaking.

In all, we made some substantial gains in both horsepower and torque, thanks to a few quality bolt-ons from Lightning Force Performance. Not only has the fun factor been increased, but the overall drivability has been improved as well. Whether you boast a new or used Lightning, visit LFP for all your Lightning Parts and Accessories



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